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Post Pregnancy Ayurvedic Care in Bangalore

Post Pregnancy Ayurvedic Care
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The joy of motherhood comes when you hold your little one in your arms for the very first time leaving behind all the emotional, physical and mental strain you have been through. But if you think that the vigilance you exhibited of your health during pregnancy is done and now you don’t have to take care of your body and health then you are totally wrong.

A woman’s body undergoes numerous hormonal and physical changes after post-pregnancy which is sometimes hard to accept and also you want to get back to your old shape soon. post pregnancy ayurvedic care in Bangalore can help you to restore your original form through its primitive herbal therapies by simultaneously ensuring that you enjoy your motherhood to the fullest. 

What is Post Pregnancy Ayurvedic Care?

The post pregnancy ayurvedic care begins after the delivery of your baby. Every baby and the mother deserve utmost care after pregnancy as it gives a lot of changes to your life both emotionally and physically. A woman has to take good care of herself to rebuild her strength. Getting an ayurvedic postnatal care includes having nutritious food and taking plenty of rest during the first few weeks after delivery.

You must know that babies have different sleeping patterns than adults. A typical newborn will wake up every three hours for milk which may disturb the mother’s sleep leading to various ailments like mood swings, migraine, postpartum depression, under eye darkness, etc.

In the first few weeks, you ought to seek someone’s help to take care of all the responsibilities other than feeding your baby and taking care of yourself for quick healing. You can also visit an ayurvedic centre to get the best advice on post pregnancy ayurvedic care in Bangalore under the supervision of the ayurvedic experts to reimpose your health.

Post Pregnancy Ayurvedic Care in Bangalore

How Ayurveda Helps in Post Pregnancy Care?

Ayurvedic post-natal care gives a lot of importance to the patients during the postnatal time. Certain procedures that combine the ayurvedic herbs and medicines may vary depending on your symptoms and conditions.

An ayurvedic specialist at Rajeshwari Ayurdhama will help you with the treatments during the post pregnancy ayurvedic care in Bangalore. Some of the ayurvedic treatments include:

  • Prasavaraksha – It is an authentic ayurvedic treatment procedure which is formulated in a special way to ensure the revitalization of energy besides preventing the future health complications for both mother and child.
  • Massage Therapy – Different studies have stated that the post pregnancy ayurvedic care using dhanwantharam oil serves multiple benefits as the ingredients in it provides relief from body pain, dry skin texture and muscular spasm. It can also be used for full body massage to expel unwanted air movements during parturition. 
  • Dasamoolarishtam – This is extremely effective to boost the immunity of the mother and child and also keeps the infections at bay. It is prescribed usually for the first few months as it aids in reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Jeerakarishtam – This is a well-known medicine given during the post pregnancy ayurvedic care in Bangalore for inducing the normal lactation, promoting overall health and well-being. It is usually prescribed to new mothers during the monsoon or winter seasons to keep the body warm owing to its hot nature. 
  • Pulileham – This is administered to the new mothers starting from the third week onwards and it takes about a month and half for acting as a rejuvenation to enhance their strength.
  • Shatavari Gulam – It is used in post pregnancy ayurvedic care to improve lactation and also achieve overall hormonal balance by regaining the strength.
  • Shatavari – This herb should be mixed with boiling milk in order to improve  breast milk production and to avoid postpartum depression. It is most beneficial for the normal involution of the uterus.
  • Musta: Apart from improving breast milk production, ayurvedic postnatal care uses musta herbs to help relieve the clogs in milk ducts and also reduce the inflammation.

Benefits of Post Pregnancy Ayurvedic Care

There can be various benefits for both the newborn and the mother by taking the ayurvedic postnatal care. Some of them include

  • The post pregnancy ayurvedic care helps to remove the physical trauma of labour.
  • It restores the shape beside toning of the stomach muscles.
  • It helps in hormone regulation by promoting breast milk secretion.
  • It rejuvenates and relaxes the new mother.
  • Relieving of anxiety, tension or depression is made possible by getting post pregnancy ayurvedic care.
  • Treatments for preventing hair fall, removal of stretch marks and skin pigmentation is also made possible.
  • It helps to keep the proper figure and vigour of the mother.
  • It removes postnatal joint and back pains.
  • Moreover, the post pregnancy ayurvedic care prevents the wear and tear of bones.

Diet Tips for Ayurvedic Postnatal Care

Taking sesame oil  (clarified butter) after mixing it with panchkola is good for your digestive system. Once this mixture gets digested, you should have rice gruel and milk  medicated with Vidharigandhadi Gana or panchkola.

Apart from these, you should consume jaggery water for at least a week. After a week, start eating foods that are easily digestible as it can help you regain your strength.

Do’s and Don’ts During the Post Pregnancy Ayurvedic Care

  • Massage yourself with vatahara oil.
  • Bath in warm water.
  • Keep your breasts and perineum clean.
  • Urinate every 5 hours.
  • Breastfeed the baby properly.
  • Avoid consuming food irregularly.
  • Avoid intaking stale or cold food.
  • Do not retain urine or faeces.
  • Do not indulge in exercise or sexual intercourse.

Why Rajeshwari Ayurdhama?

Rajeshwari Ayurdhama has ayurvedic experts to handle the newborn and the mothers by providing an efficient post pregnancy ayurvedic care. The facilities provided here include:

  • There is guidance of female medical practitioners along with the experienced female therapists.
  • The atmosphere to get the ayurvedic postnatal care is serene, hygienic and eco-friendly with 100% security and privacy.
  • The patients who approach this best ayurvedic centre for post pregnancy ayurvedic care in Bangalore can get a homely care.
  • The food provided here is highly nutritious adding various benefits to the woman along with her child.
  • We have access to modern medicine care by providing round the clock services.


Thus, the post pregnancy ayurvedic care advises a special dietary and lifestyle regimen especially during the first 45 days after childbirth. Rajeshwari Ayurdhama, the best ayurvedic centre in Bangalore includes ayurvedic delivery care medicines which is prepared in our pharmacy besides providing post-natal massages, applying herbal paste to the face and body, bandaging of stomach, using medicated water bath with vethoushadam, aiding with yoga exercises and a lot more to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.