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Swarna Bindu Prasahana

Swarna Prashana - An Ayurvedic Way to Boost Child's Immunity

The term Swarnaprashna is derived from  “Swarna” -means gold and “Prashana” refers to consuming or ingesting. Its also known as Swarna Bindu Prasahana as its administered in the form of drops.

Swarna Prashana is a process in which Swarna (gold nanoparticle), Gou Ghrita (cow’s ghee), Madhu (honey), and other herbal drugs which enhance intellect and memory (Medhya Dravyas) are administered in the form of drops in prescribed quantity according to the age, height and weight of the child on the day of Pushya Nakshtara.

What is Suvarnaprashana? (Swarna Bindu Prasahana)

The cycle where swarna bhasma (debris of gold) with other home grown extricates taken as semi-fluid and given to the kids through their mouth is called asswarnaprashana, suvarnaprashana, swarnamritha prashana or swarna bindu prashana.

Contents of Swarna Bindu Prashana

  • Swarna – gold
  • Go ghrita -cow’s ghee
  • Madhu- honey
  • Medhya drugs – herbal drugs which enhance intellect and memory like Vacha , Shankapushpi , Bhrahmi , Ashwagandha

Age :  from new born , up to 16 years

Swarna Bindu Prasahana

Time of administration:

On the day of Pushya Nakshatra.

This day arrives after every 27 days.

Why Pushya Nakshatra?

Pushya nakshtra is said to have

  • Pusthi (strenghtning )
  • Poshana (nourishment)


  • Improves immunity, physical strength.
  • Improves metabolism
  • Prevent recurrent cold ,cough,fever and allergies.
  • Improves grasping and retention power.
  • Improves memory
  • Precents children from illness that occur due to seasonal changes
  • Tones up skin
  • Prevents eye and ear disorders.

Why Swarnaprashna on Pushyanakshatra day?

Pushya is one among the 27 nakshatras. It is otherwise called Indrapurohita, Pusya, Pushka, Pushya is thought of as generally favorable among different stars, they refer to it as “The Star of Sustenance” the actual word means “Nourisher” or “flourish”, and so on. It implies it gave sustenance like a how a mother deal with their children.
Overall it is the day best for following exercises
1. to take prescriptions
2. to plan spices
3. to establish tree

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