VARSHA RITUCHARYA – Rainy Season Regimen


VARSHA RITUCHARYA: Ayurvedic Diet and Regimen for the Rainy Season. During the rainy season, digestion-related issues arise due to the low digestive fire, including reduced hunger, bloating, fullness, and loose stools.



In Ayurveda, various therapies are employed to promote wellness and treat diseases. One such procedure is Dhoomapana, the inhalation of medicated smoke. Let’s explore the benefits, indications, and method of preparation for Dhoomapana.

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Ayurvedic Massage in Bangalore

Ayurvedic medicine is rich with techniques and treatments that have existed in India for thousands of years. If you want to relieve stress and tension, then Ayurvedic Massage in Bangalore, Rajeshwari Ayurdhama is the right option to achieve your goal. Rajeshwari Ayurdhama is one of the leading ayurvedic center in Bangalore offering effective Ayurvedic Massage […]

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Post Pregnancy Ayurvedic Care

The joy of motherhood comes when you hold your little one in your arms for the very first time leaving behind all the emotional, physical and mental strain you have been through. But if you think that the vigilance you exhibited of your health during pregnancy is done and now you don’t have to take […]

How Ayurveda Can Support Your Skincare Routine

Skin Ayurveda Treatment

Acne breakouts, dark circles, pigmentation, inflammation, dry skin, and whatnot! It’s a never-ending list when you consider the skin problems. A healthy skin depends on your lifestyle practices, diet, and a regular skincare routine which is suitable as your skin type. Internal imbalances can affect the skin’s health. The skin ayurveda treatment brings out the […]

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Whenever you get a pimple or acne scars on your face, you get one more reason to worry. No one would want a face full of acne and pimples but most of the time, the occurrence of pimples is attributed to natural reasons and you cannot have a control over it fully. They are related […]

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Ayurvedic Diet Plan

When comes to a healthy life; maintaining a good lifestyle is a must!! Nowadays most people are inclined to become more health conscious. Therefore, most are preferring to have a healthy Ayurvedic Diet Plan to get a healthy mind and a healthy body. There is saying early to bed!! Early rising makes a man healthy […]

7 Things You Must Know About Ayurvedic Treatment in Bangalore

Ayurvedic Treatment in Bangalore

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system in India. The word ‘Ayurveda’ is derived from two words ‘Ayur’ which means life and ‘Veda’ which means science or knowledge. All ayurvedic treatments work on three basic principles or doshas namely the Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  You should know that taking the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore can […]