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Best 7 Days Ayurvedic Diet Plan for Healthy and Active

Ayurvedic Diet Plan
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When comes to a healthy life; maintaining a good lifestyle is a must!! Nowadays most people are inclined to become more health conscious. Therefore, most are preferring to have a healthy Ayurvedic Diet Plan to get a healthy mind and a healthy body. There is saying early to bed!! Early rising makes a man healthy wealthy and wise!! This is an evitable slogan for all!!

These days people follow up with an Ayurvedic diet to ensure better health and happy life. This Ayurvedic diet concept is not new to us; our ancestors, monks, sage, and saint used to have this Ayurveda diet in their daily routine.

We know that we have food carving for all tasty and scrumptious foods but that is not good for our health. Instead of that, we can add at least one healthy food to our daily diet. There are many healthy diet tips and you can opt for Ayurvedic Diet Plan as well, which is popular these days for its benefits.

Before going to the whole chapter let us know what is an Ayurvedic Diet!!

what is an Ayurvedic Diet?

Ayurveda is a type of holistic medicine that intensify in promoting a better and healthy balance between your body and mind. If you are searching for the best Ayurvedic Diet Plan!!

Then the ayurvedic clinic in Bangalore would be the best one, which can guide you very professionally on how to maintain your body active and healthy through a proper Ayurvedic Diet Plan.

As we know Ayurveda consists of five elements that create the whole universe — Vayu (air), Jala (water), Akash (space), Teja (fire), and Prithvi (earth).

This element is believed to articulate with three different doshas, that are embedded inside our body through the energy it is circulated everywhere in our body. Each dosha has its unique identity while ongoing physiological functions are done inside our body.

Same the Ayurvedic Diet is a component of Ayurveda. This has been prevailing for thousands of years. These 3 dosha act effectively within our body while eating healthy and nutritious foods. Taking a healthy Ayurvedic Diet daily keeps a perfect balance between all three doshas.

If you want to make your life a healthy one then always prefer to have a well Ayurvedic Diet Plan!!

The best ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore would give you the best consultation, on how you can make your mind and body healthy through a right Ayurvedic Diet Plan

Here are some tips what are the Ayurvedic Diet Plan daily you have to follow a week

Monday: Day 1 Choose your perfect meal

When it comes to “Pitta dosha” that helps in making proper digestion of your food!! Always tries to take a nutrient and healthy food. Always adopt a healthy daily routine and add, green vegetables, fruits lentils, and lots more to your diet chart. All of these have high protein and fiber that is easily digestible without making you any acidic reactions. Avoid junk and oily foods full of adverse effects on your body and mind.

Your breakfast, lunch, or dinner must be with a full-fledged diet that fills your tummy. Never skip any one of them. Always with your full meals, and never go for any snacks in between!! As you know Agni needs several hours to digest the food properly in between the meals to fully digest and process. Typically, it takes –6 hours. Therefore, the Ayurvedic Diet Plan says never snacking in between your meals.

What food you have to avoid in Ayurvedic Diet Plan!! You need to check out here: –

  • Never mix milk and fruit or yogurt!!
  • Never put your finger inside while eating cherries, melons, bananas, citrus fruits, tomatoes, etc even meat and fish with a glass of milk that utterly should be avoided.
  • Never steps your handful of foods mixing with any type of melon
  • Never allow yourself or anyone else to eat milk products with animal protein that is totally against the ayurvedic diet plan

There are lots of things to overlook if you want to know more about a proper ayurvedic diet plan then an ayurvedic clinic in Bangalore can help you.

Tuesday: Day 2 Try to become your taste enhancer and perfect scheduler

As per ‘Agni”, what food you, intake within your diet should connect your healthy mind and body!! When comes to taste preference first, always have a diet that can give you immense peace and pleasure while you eat. Choose the best healthy food that you like the most!! And platter the table plate as per your liking and carving for food.

If you like vegetable salads garnished with avocado, cherries, and olives is also a great delicious one; have a spoon from this!! Just add a few drops of olive oil that can double your taste!!

Yes, when you eat just to remind the 3 doshas Vata, pitta, and Kapha!! When you eat excess; these three doshas get aggravated similarly when you eat every meal in a maintained way then these 3 doshas stay in the equilibriums stage as this dosha has 3 stages that all impact on your body and make disbalance when you weirdly eat your meal without balancing.

Wednesday: Day 3 Make a question Mark!! What yup digestion

Our body is built of 3 doshas Vata, pitta, and Kapha!! Agni tattva or the digestive fire, when you eat any food, it should have to balance, if you are out of it then it can cause digestive issues. To combat these issues you can drink cumin, coriander, and fennel tea before or after your every eats.

Each dosha is interlinked with each other within our body; each works out better when you have everything on track; starting from a healthy diet taking to the timing gap in between each meal. This perfect flow of diet plan can give the right mind and right body to lead a healthy life. If you are out of track then Vatas will experience frequent gas and bloating, while Kaphas may burp hugely.

Thursday: Day 4 Getting freaky for your bowl!!

When you have irregularity in your bowel movement then your dosha is out of balance. Then in that case you are chronically constipated, drink adequate water or peppermint, fennel, or ginger tea. Avoid adding too much oil, spicy foods, and fiber to your diet can lead to losing stool drink cumin, coriander, and fennel tea. Avoid taking too much oil and spicy food.

If such issues prevent frequently then consult any Ayurvedic dietitian!! The ayurvedic clinic in Bangalore is the best one.

Friday: Day 5 Stress management workout

When all dosha is out of control, the digestion system won’t function and become stressed!! Then there, you need to take a big full stop!! Take a 10 deep breath before you hold a spoon to take brew of your boiled chicken breast with a snoopy omelet garnished on it!! During your, meal eats slowly, chew properly, and enjoy the taste of your food.

Because when you eat the saliva tempts your digestive process to break down properly.

Saturday: Day 6 Garnished your plates with spices and herbs

Season your food with spices and herbs or add lemon or lime juice to your meal table. Adding this is great to make all your doshas in proper order. Add fresh gingercinnamon, mustard, and fennel for Vatas; Same fennel, cumin, coriander, fresh ginger, lime, and tamarind for Pittas; and dry ginger, mustard, black pepper, and cumin for Kaphas.

Sunday: Day 7 Sweeten Up!! Your mind with sweet cookies

To make the dosha work properly add Oatmeal cookies, date or prune bars, and maple tapioca are best for Vatas similarly for Pittas coconut macaroons, date or prune bars and rice pudding are best. try baked apples or pears, sour fruit crumble and prune bars are best for Kaphas.

Summing up

This is a perfect guide to following the ayurvedic diet plan go through in a nitty-gritty way.

If you are eager to know more about healthy ayurvedic diet plans then visit the best ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore, Rajeshwari Ayurdhama

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