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Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurveda is a holistic approach of healing which has cured millions of people dating back to thousands of years ago. It is believed that the ayurvedic consultation with an expert therapist aids in exploring physical, mental, and emotional health which totally depends on the balance between the mind, body, and spirit with a combination of Doshas. 

Unlike other medical systems, Ayurveda emphasizes promoting good health instead of fighting the disease. The standard ayurvedic consultation with an expert therapist at Rajeshwari Ayurdhama aids them to prepare a comprehensive treatment with exercise or diet programs according to the body type of the patients which can help them bring more balance, energy, and peace to their well-being.

What is Ayurvedic Consultation?

An Ayurvedic consultation will be the first step to a holistic approach to get an efficient health assessment to maintain good or better health. The ayurvedic doctor consultation aids the patients with the recommendations for beneficial treatment programs.

If the patient is already enjoying good health, an Ayurvedic consultation will make them learn more on how to personalise the diet and lifestyle, how to use herbs, and how to follow routines and treatment procedures which can enhance the personal mind-body constitution.

Why Choose Ayurvedic Consultation?

There are various reasons for patients to choose ayurvedic consultation. Some of them include:

A time-tested system The process of Ayurveda is time-tested with the ancient procedures and hence can be relied upon without any tension.
Better diagnosisThe type of diagnosis in the ayurvedic consultation is comprehensive and also it shows how much understanding Ayurveda has of the human body.
Holistic approachAyurveda doesn’t just use the conventional methods of assessing the problem but it takes various aspects of life by checking what might be causing the problem.
Personalized SolutionsThe medications prescribed in the ayurvedic doctor consultation are personalized depending on the need and condition of the patient.
Zero side effectsUnlike other types of medications, the herbs used in Ayurvedic treatment cause zero side effects.
Wide array of methodsThe treatment methods after ayurvedic consultation involve various methods and therapies which can help in healing both your mind and body.
Home remediesMost of the ayurvedic treatment relies on home remedies because many ingredients that are actually present in our kitchens are ayurvedic herbs.
Easy precautionary methodsThe precautionary steps prescribed in the ayurvedic consultation and treatment are actually very easy to take and it also aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Is Ayurveda safe?

When rehearsed by a certified and experienced Ayurvedic proficient, this mending framework is viewed as extremely protected. As usual, you ought to check with your essential consideration specialist if presently attempted treatment and furthermore let your Ayurvedic expert in on about any meds or wellbeing worries preceding treatment.

Ayurvedic consultation

How does Ayurveda work?

With such a rich memorable beginning, one normally contemplates how Ayurveda works and offers a conventional option for regular and all encompassing recuperating. As per the investigation of Ayurveda, the human body contains three essential working energies or Tridoshas: Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha that track down their starting points in the five components of nature: Air, Water, Space, Earth, and Fire.

What to Expect During an Ayurvedic Consultation?

During an ayurvedic doctor consultation, the patient will be required to fill a patient record form regarding the personal details, reasons of the visit, and health concerns, including past medical history and treatment plans. 

There are two concepts of diagnosis in the Ayurvedic consultation which involve the diagnosis of a person and the diagnosis of the disease. We use the following assessment techniques to treat various disorders that including:

1. Bone & Joint Disorder 

The goal of ayurvedic consultation for bone & joint disorder and other related problems is to provide ayurvedic medicine for bone fracture healing to get rid of the symptoms like pain, swelling, tenderness, redness, stiffness etc associated with the problem, to enable the person to perform restore to normal lifestyle and prevent further complications and recurrence.

2. Skin Disorder

Skin is the index of the body where its problems are linked to a problem inside our body only. Ayurvedic treatment for skin disease aids in making you to get a better treatment with some herbs which act as a natural supplement to the body cells, face cells and also removes the dead cells which create infection or other skin disorders.

3. GIT Disorder

Balancing the digestive Agni is the major principle of Ayurveda besides treating other problems which are affected by the digestion. Ayurvedic consultation will aid the therapist to provide very effective and genuine ayurvedic medicines for digestive problems to destroy the root cause of the GIT disorder.

4. Gynaecological Disorder

Ayurvedic medicine for gynaecological problems can effectively manage the conditions like Menstruation problems, endometriosis, infertility, uterine infection, postmenopausal syndrome and much more by aiding the patients with the change of their lifestyle and dietary habits.

5. Infertility

The ayurvedic consultation for infertility eradicates the underlying cause of organic or functional problems. The herbs used in the treatment of infertility help the patient overcome ovulation disorder, blocked fallopian tubes, premature ovarian failure, adhesions, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

6. Endocrine

The holistic approach in endocrine ayurvedic treatment is to reboot the deranged metabolism by Panchakarma and pranayama. This can help restore or reboot the metabolism after cleansing the body, deal with the significant imbalance and improve intestinal, glandular, and cardiovascular activities.

7. Respiratory Disorder

Breathing problems or respiratory disorders most often occur due to the blockage created by excess cough and mucus. The herbs used in ayurvedic treatment for mucus in lungs dissolve the mucus and phlegm stored inside the airways & throat by throwing it away from the body so that they cannot cause any further problem.

8. Hair fall, Dandruff, Alopecia

The hair fall ayurvedic treatment is given when there is noticeable loss of hair, dandruff and alopecia. The ayurvedic consultation can strengthen your hair with the blend of natural oil therapies and perfect remedies to help combat hair loss and hair fall in order to stimulate hair growth.

9. Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Stress

The anxiety ayurvedic treatment and insomnia ayurvedic treatment which is provided using natural and effective ayurvedic medicines helps to cross the blood-brain barriers and provide nourishment to the brain which further controls stress and depression to relax and reset your system. 

10. Piles

The piles ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore can be a complete relief for the patients suffering from piles, fistula and fissure.  You will know how we adopt a safe and effective method of treatment in the ayurvedic consultation as our treatment procedures only cures the problem but also prevents it from recurring.

11. Dry eyes

Dry eyes are common nowadays causing major symptoms like foreign body sensation and itching in the eyes. The dry eyes ayurvedic treatment can overcome dryness and occasional dryness besides curing a number of eye diseases. 

12. Migraine

The ayurvedic medicine for migraine prescribed at the time of ayurvedic consultation describes a comprehensive approach towards managing severe headaches like migraine by practising a combination of corrective Vihar (exercise), Ahar (diet), and Aushadhi (medicines) to maintain stability of all doshas for prevention & cure.

13. Neurological disorder- Stroke, facial Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease 

The ayurvedic consultation on neurological disorder aids in facial paralysis, Parkinson’s disease and stroke ayurvedic treatment depending on the specific underlying conditions of the patients.

Diet Consultation

Diet Consultation are suggested for the people who are befuddled about their eating routine! Obviously; food in the event that right is a medication and assuming incorrectly is a toxic substance. Diet counsel includes appraisal of your lopsidedness/body type utilizing point by point survey and actual assessment including heartbeat and tongue analyze. Then as per your body type and unevenness the eating routine and dietary patterns will be made sense of. You will be given a few modified recipes too.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Consultation

Going for an ayurvedic consultation can help most people to improve their overall health besides provides these following benefits: 

  • Get rid of both stress and anxiety
  • Improve the function of the nervous system 
  • Reduce sympathetic activities.
  • Reduce excessive weight with natural methods.
  • Significant improvement on your body including healthy skin and hair. 
  • Hormonal imbalances can be successfully treated.
  • Reduction of inflammation, unwanted toxins, and chemicals in the body.

Moreover, it emphasizes improving your digestion, keeping your gut clean and medical problems at bay.

If you wish to become healthy with expert ayurvedic consultation, you ought to visit Rajeshwari Ayurdhama as we adopt deployed natural methods, medicines, and diet to bring balance into your routine life so that you can continue the commitment to your well-being to regain your vibrant health and radiance.

Time: 10.30 am to 8.00pm
Monday – Sunday

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