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7 Things You Must Know About Ayurvedic Treatment in Bangalore

Ayurvedic Treatment in Bangalore
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Ayurveda is an ancient medical system in India. The word ‘Ayurveda’ is derived from two words ‘Ayur’ which means life and ‘Veda’ which means science or knowledge. All ayurvedic treatments work on three basic principles or doshas namely the Vata, Pitta and Kapha. 

You should know that taking the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore can holistically heal you. It not only cures your illness but also protects you. According to Ayurveda, each individual has their Doshas which must be balanced to treat that person.

At Rajeshwari Ayurdhama, ayurvedic herbs are used for the ayurveda treatment in Bangalore because they form an integral part of the ayurvedic medicine system. These herbs are used to treat various diseases to boost immunity, promote mental clarity, healthy skin and hair, etc. The ayurvedic doctor usually treats the patient as a whole and not just a diseased part. 

Ayurvedic Treatment

The goal of ayurvedic treatment is to cleanse your body of undigested food because that stays in your body leading to illness. The cleansing process is called panchakarma Therapy. It is designed by the ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore by taking unique physical and emotional health, primary life force and balance between all these elements. 

All ayurvedic treatments provided in the best ayurvedic clinic in Bangalore like the Rajeshwari Ayurdhama are usually designed in such a way to reduce your symptoms and restore harmony and balance.To achieve this, the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore is given by relying on blood purification treatment,  massage therapy, herbs, medical oils, and enemas or laxatives.

When Should You Go for Ayurvedic treatment?

There are certain circumstances in which you will have to try ayurveda at least once in your lifetime to maintain balance and regain back your full health. The best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore focuses on these scenarios.

  • Ayurveda has an excellent capacity to promote health and improve immunity especially when your illness cannot be treated by your current system of medicine.
  • Ayurvedic parameters are quite different from other systems of medicine because it advises how to diagnose and treat diseases at each stage or prevent progression especially when you are suffering from considerable difficulties.
  • The best Ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore either helps to manage your diseases and decrease or avoid complications by reducing the dose of medicines but only with some changes in eating habits and or external treatments.

What are Ayurvedic medicines really great for?

When joined with other Ayurvedic standards (eating a scope of food endorsed by one’s dosha, for instance, or practicing at specific times), your Ayurvedic spa treatment is intended to:

  • detoxify and purge
  • support the adequacy of your insusceptible framework
  • keep you healthy
  • assist those with ailments to further develop their general prosperity.

7 Things You Must Know Before Taking Ayurvedic Treatment

More Than Just Herbs

It is vital to know that the ayurvedic treatments and medicines involve herbs besides numerous other substances like honey, milk, butter, ghee, oil, minerals to ashes. Herbs are used in every component of ayurvedic medicines and therapies. 

Not only that, numerous other natural components are also used for the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore depending on an individual’s body constitution, and disease.

Treats Body As a Whole

The best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore works on a holistic approach which means ayurveda treats the body as a whole. It embraces the whole you to acknowledge the connection between your body, mind and soul. 

The patients who approach the ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore should know that traditional medicines will be given for treatment to prevent illness, cure acute conditions besides contributing to a healthy life. 

Time-Tested Techniques of Accurate Diagnosis

In ayurveda, the three doshas form characteristics of the body constitution or prakruti. So, the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore varies from person to person because the body has to balance these three doshas depending on the genetic and lifestyle factors. 

To understand an individual’s doshas ‘Astavidha rogi pariksha method is used specially to diagnose disease and provide a complete and permanent cure. The methods used in the best ayurvedic clinic in Bangalore include: Naadi (Pulse), Shabda (Voice), Jivha (Tongue), Drik (Eyes), Aakriti (Body build), Sparsha (Skin), Mutra (Urine) and Mala (Stool).

Emphasize on Both Prevention and Care

You must know that the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore believes in ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The patient will be taught with a range of daily routines for a complete control and balance of doshas to ensure optimum health. 

Besides that, it involves numerous methods, medications and measures to permanently cure diseases and prevent it from recurrence which means it is effective in healing minor or major illnesses but brings the body to an equilibrium. 

Make It a Lifestyle

Ayurveda plays a significant role in a person’s pathya or lifestyle which means the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore involves diet and Nutrition, physical exercise, mental well-being along with the dinacharya for daily routines to improve the overall quality of life. 

For instance, if you are prone to diabetes, your blood sugar levels can be brought under control after getting a prompt ayurveda treatment in Bangalore from a ayurvedic doctor but along with this you have to make several lifestyle changes to overcome the longevity of the disease.

Cost-Effective Treatments

Ayurveda is purely based on the traditional Indian medicine, but the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore can be the most effective, safest and cost-effective treatment despite all ages. 

You must know that compared to other western drugs which are highly expensive the ayurvedic medicines prescribed by the ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore can even be made at home from the herbs and ingredients in your kitchen making it convenient and easy. 

Zero Side Effects

Unlike the western medicine, the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore involves medicines and therapies with zero side effects. Adverse side effects may occur in western system of medicine due to the mismatch or chemical overdose in your body. 

On the other hand, ayurvedic medicines used for internal or external treatment are mostly chemical free and are based on primitive herbs and natural supplements obtained from nature. 


Thus, ayurveda is not a healing system involving instant relief from symptoms. The holistic approach of the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore comprises ayurvedic medicines, herbs and therapies aimed to restore a patient’s health by understanding the underlying or root cause of the disease. It aids in detoxifying, and cleansing besides strengthening body tissues and balancing bodily doshas for a complete cure.

So, the next time when you or your family members look for a wholesome, comprehensive and effective healing regime, you can visit Rajeshwari Ayurdhama because the ayurvedic experts here provide the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore.

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