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Panchakarma Therapies

Panchakarma Therapies

The term ‘Panchakarma Therapies’ is derived from the two words “Pancha” (five) and “Karma” (actions). Literally in ayurveda it means five detox procedures or actions. All of these make sure that the pathogens and toxins are eliminated from the body using the panchakarma therapies or treatments that are focussed on preventive, curative and rejuvenation actions.

The panchakarma treatment in Bangalore which is provided at the Rajeshwari Ayurdhama is fundamentally different for each individual, because the treatments vary according to individual constitution i.e., depending on the doshas, age, disease, season, digestive strength, immune system, and other factors.

Stages of Panchakarma

An Ayurvedic treatment basically consists of two parts namely, ‘Samshodhana Chikitsa’ which is the bio-cleansing therapy and ‘Samshaman Chikitsa’ which means the pacifying therapy. Panchakarma treatment in Bangalore falls under the Samshodhana Chikitsa because it is a dynamic procedure to help cleanse the body from the inside out called the “Ama”. 

The toxins are accumulated due to improper diet, lifestyle and lack of spiritual and emotional wellbeing. If we are overburdened with the ‘Ama’ or toxic substances, they will begin to accumulate with a detrimental impact on your health and overall well-being. That is why, cleansing treatment is provided by the best ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore. 

There are three phases or stages of panchakarma that  include: Poorva karma, padhan karma and pachat karma.

Panchakarma Therapies in Bangalore

Poorva Karma

Purvakarma is derived from the two words “Purva” which means preparatory and “Karma” means action.  During the poorva karma ayurveda stage, the best ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore will prepare the patients to loosen the toxins and excess doshas from their body. 

These toxins which are channelized and collected help in easy removal from the body. It also requires getting prepared both mentally and physically for the main procedure of panchakarma treatment in Bangalore. The patient has to follow a unique diet plan for a duration of  3 – 7 days.

It involves the following procedures:

  • Pachana Karma – To improve digestion using the natural herbal medicine so that the patient can easily digest the medicated Sneha which is the medicated ghee.
  • Snehana Karma – The medicated ghee is given by the ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore to the patient for increasing the doses to aggravate and liquefy the fat-soluble toxins that are deposited in the deep tissues.
  • Swedan Karma – This panchakarma treatment in Bangalore requires a patient to have a full body oil massage and steam bath thereby opening up the body channels and allowing the heat to further liquefy the toxins. This in turn facilitates their movement to the digestive tract from the tissues.

Pradhan Karma

Pradhan Karma is the main stage where the toxins are purged after Purvakarma. Pradhan Karma is continued until the toxins are ejected from the body. Certain techniques for the panchakarma treatment in Bangalore is used by including medicines to stay in the system for a longer time to revitalize the system.

Paschat Karma

This is a post-therapy dietary regime which has to be followed during the panchakarma treatment in Bangalore to restore the body’s absorptive and digestive capacity to its normal state. It includes diet management, rejuvenating treatments, lifestyle management, and intake of herbal medicines.

It includes the following procedures:

  • Samsarjan Karma –Here specific diet has to be followed after pradhana karma because it aims at increasing the patient’s diet gradually from liquids to semi-solids to a normal diet.
  • Shaman Chikitsa – It is a pacification therapy under the panchakarma treatment in Bangalore which abides with the internal medicines and lifestyle management.
  • Rasayan Adi Prayogam – This is a rejuvenating and best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore which aids in increasing the natural immunity.

At Rajeshwari Ayurdhama, all the therapies of panchakarma treatment in Bangalore are done with an aim to liberate the toxins and residues that have accumulated over time. It is usually accompanied by herbal oil applications, therapeutic steam baths, massages, along with ayurveda compliant meals which have to be followed with utmost care else they can cause harmful effects to the body rather than imparting benefits.

The Panchakarma Procedures

There are five cleansing procedures for the panchakarma treatment in Bangalore. These include the Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya, and Raktamokshana involving laxative measures, herbal enemas, therapies for vomiting, nasal rinsing, and phlebotomy. 

  • Vamana Karma: Therapeutically induced vomiting
  • Virechana Karma: Therapeutically induced purgation
  • Basti Karma: Medicated enemas which includes oil enema and decoction 
  • Nasya Karma: Administering the medicine through nasal drops
  • Raktamokshana: Bloodletting therapies

These procedures help in cleansing the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, oesophagus, and blood vessels of unwanted substances. Also, these five therapies which fall under the panchakarma treatment in Bangalore aids in eliminating toxins from the system, rebalances the doshas, renews a sense of inner-peace and clarity and heals countless ailments.

Benefits and Contradictions of Panchakarma Therapies

There are various benefits of panchakarma therapies if you get the best ayurvedic treatment in Bangalore. Some of them include:

  • It prevents disease and promotes health.
  • It restores the doshas to the natural equilibrium to enhance the patient’s sense of well being.
  • It relieves stress and gives a good sleep.
  • It helps in boosting immunity.
  • It rejuvenates the mind, soul and body.
  • It provides radiance or glow to the skin.
  • It strengthens the hair and nails.
  • It restores metabolism activity and removes toxins.
  • It nourishes the body and slows the aging process.
  • It reverses the negative effects of stress on your mind and body.
  • It reduces dependency on drugs and medicines.
  • It implements positive lifestyle changes.
  • It improves endurance, strength, and vitality.

On the other hand, the panchakarma treatment in Bangalore can be demanding to maintain both physical and mental health. Consequently, it cannot be entered into at any time because some people may feel it is entirely inappropriate. For instance, if anyone who feels physically weak and deals with side-effects of an illness or operation should postpone the kind of treatment or may even reconsider it completely.


To sum up, in order to experience an optimal health, it is essential to maintain a strong digestive fire and eliminate toxins from the body by approaching the trained and best ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore.

Besides that, you have to approach a well-known ayurvedic centre like Rajeshwari Ayurdhama to get the best panchakarma treatment in Bangalore because the expert therapists are designed with  a customized treatment plan according to your state of health to lead a quality life.

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