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How to Choose the Best Panchakarma Centre in Bangalore

Panchakarma Centre in bangalore

Are you looking for a powerful, supportive, and transformative Panchakarma treatment Centre in Bangalore? To make sure that you will have the most positive detox retreat possible, it is important to find an ayurvedic centre in Bangalore like the Rajeshwari Ayurdhama where the expert therapists can customize and modify your protocols, address your particular health […]

Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore

Best Ayurvedic Center in Bangalore

Ayurveda is a practice of the ancient lifestyle to create harmony and wellness within the body. The best Ayurvedic center in Bangalore works on the fundamental belief of Ayurvedic practice ‘dosha’ to maintain the ‘doshic balance’ where ‘dosha’ is a unique mix of energies ‘vata’, ‘pitta’ and ‘kapha’ which is similar to the western idea […]